Oh, No, Octavius!
Send for Octavius Guy #4: The Case of the Quibbling Cleric
by Michael Gallagher

Oh, No, Octavius! by Michael Gallagher

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“Covent Garden Labourers”
by John Thomson

‘“I can’t THINK without thinking about you; I can’t BREATHE without thinking about you; I can’t LIVE without thinking about you,”’ quoted George. He glanced at me through suspicious, narrowed eyes and quickly came to the point. ‘It looked like your handwriting, Octavius.’
It was; not that I was about to admit it.
‘Was it signed?’ I asked, knowing full well it was not. Oh, why had Annie kept my note? Why had she hidden it where George was bound to find it? Surely she knew her brother pried?
‘No, but the writing was cursive like yours is,’ George persevered, ‘all spiky L’s and T’s. This is my little sister we’re talking about.’ He stressed the words
little and sister again, then glowered at me some more.
He was angry, very angry—anyone could see that—so angry that it was distracting him from his purpose.
‘Concentrate, George. This is a crime scene, and we have precious few minutes before young Mr Badger returns with all the constables of N-Division in tow. Come, observe whatever may be observed, and tell me what you think.’
The big lad peered down at the body, which was sprawled across the broad octagonal space where the transepts and the nave met. Cool, early morning light filtered in through the church’s east windows, amply illuminating the corpse.
‘I think he’s dead,’ said George.

The well-heeled residents of Highbury have a problem: the Reverend Allaston Burr, the rector who’s been foisted upon their congregation by an ancient yet legally-binding right known as an advowson. When a final appeal to Queen Victoria—as the head of the Church of England—fails to remove him from his post, they turn to Gooseberry for help.

Join fifteen-year-old Octavius Guy and his ragtag bunch of friends as they investigate the detested cleric, only to discover that someone has a far more permanent form of removal in mind.

Coming in 2018.

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Praise for the series Send for Octavius Guy:

5 of 5 starsMy favorite Victorian boy investigator sets off to solve a new mystery…Words cannot describe just how much I enjoy Octavius.
—Bethany Swafford (The Quiet Reader) Goodreads Reviewer

5 of 5 starsIn a locked room, everyone is a suspect...Once again Michael Gallagher creates a vivid, almost tangible reality in Victorian England. That, with his rich character development, and engaging plot makes this book incredibly enjoyable and downright fun!
—Devon Lewis (The Pinkaholic) Goodreads Reviewer

5 of 5 starsThank you so much for writing these books, and for bringing these characters to life. I have a feeling they'll always be lurking around in my head. Excellent, excellent, excellent!
—Laura Brook LibraryThing Early Reviewer

5 of 5 starsHistorical fact is deftly combined with fiction that makes Octavius’s world a new form of old London that I am eager to visit again. Pour some tea or a wee dram, put your feet up, and enjoy cover to cover.
—Gladread LibraryThing Early Reviewer

5 of 5 starsHere is a sensational historical fiction who-dunnit that gives nothing away until the very end. To me, it reads like an old time radio show. It leaves you breathless.
—Connie A. LibraryThing Early Reviewer

5 of 5 starsOctopus is a scholarly murder mystery without being staid…those who enjoy television investigative series as varied as Leverage, Castle and Elementary will be delighted with this series and want to devour more. It is a masterpiece of misdirection and layers of creative storytelling. Trust me. Buy the books!
—Dogsmom (Laura in Wisconsin) Reviewer

5 of 5 starsDid I solve the puzzle - no, but I enjoyed every minute of Octopus’s investigations.
—LizzieKillin (Liz Stevens) LibraryThing Early Reviewer

5 of 5 stars “[Gooseberry's] a pleasure to read about, and his world is filled with such detail that it's easy to imagine it all in your head. Heartwarming and humorous, with lots of suspense, it kept me guessing right through to the end.
—Suzy Schettler Goodreads Reviewer

5 of 5 starsAs always Michael Gallagher is an excellent storyteller and writes a great murder mystery set in Victorian times.
—I ADAM LibraryThing Early Reviewer

5 of 5 starsI love Victorian mysteries in general and Sherlock Holmes in particular…Gooseberry could perfectly be the leader of the “irregulars” of Baker Street, the ragamuffins that helped Sherlock.
—Mrs. Hudson LibraryThing Early Reviewer

5 of 5 starsSometimes you see a book and just know you're going to love it…An absolute treat for fans of Collins' novel and a successful novel in its own right.
—Emma Hamilton LibraryThing Early Reviewer

5 of 5 starsWhen you read a book by Michael Gallagher be prepared for a total immersion—every bit of scene setting, speech, character and historical detail is perfect. I highly recommend this book for fans of The Moonstone who wonder what happened next.
—Chris Keen LibraryThing Early Reviewer

5 of 5 starsThis is a delightful read for any age. I liked it so well, that I intend to read more in this series.
—Aleta Sullivan LibraryThing Early Reviewer

5 of 5 stars…the mystery unfolded at a great pace. You can’t help but like Octavius/Gooseberry/Octopus and his brother Julius and friend Bertha…Very well done.
—CurlyQueL LibraryThing Early Reviewer

5 of 5 starsWhat fun! The cast of characters is a wondrous mix of unlikely folks. Even a dog!
—Libby Dodd Goodreads Reviewer

5 of 5 starsThe two detectives embark on an adventure that uncovers a larger mystery that only the Great Octavius Guy can solve.
—OtwellS LibraryThing Early Reviewer

5 of 5 starsFrom exposing mediums to investigating murder and the veracity of an old man's will, you will eagerly go on adventures with this amazing duo.
—Liliyana Shadowlyn The Faerie Review, LibraryThing Early Reviewer